[TWITTER] 131212 Kim Junsu Twitter Update: Replying to Lyn nuna + Stuck in the Snow & more~

 photo 131212kjstw.png

[TRANS] Lyn nuna, thanks to your best voice and participation, a song of a different level came out~ Thank you^^


 photo 131212kjstw2.png

[TRANS] I have to go~~I have to get out of here..
Because of the snow this traffic won’t move..ㅜ


Junsu changed his DP
 photo ipjxZKq6.jpeg


 photo 131212kjstw3.png

[TRANS] To where???

[TRANS] The practice room~ How about hyung, are you ok? Heh

@ssoogilove is musical actress Kim Hyun Suk, who is currently acting in the musical about Empress Myeongseong
 photo 131212kjstw4.png

[TRANS] Go slowly~~carefully!^^

[TRANS] Nuna are you doing well?~^^

[TRANS] I look forward to listening to nuna’s Empress in the middle of a bath~~heh

 photo 131212kjstw6-.png

[TRANS] Kekekeke I pretend to give the woman a hit on the chest keke

[TRANS] Ohh are you telling the truth? You hit her Majesty’s chest?


@taeheeyam is Lee Taehee, the leader and lead vocalist of boyband M.Pire
(Note: Junsu took a picture with Taehee before, see post here)
 photo 131212kjstw5.png

[TRANS] Your photo even looks really nice~!!!!

Source: @1215thexiahtic + poimin73 + @ssoogilove
Translated by:  @ohmyjunsu + rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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